Breast Cancer ain’t Pink – Oncology Nutrition Guide for Breast Cancer Patients

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Book Description: Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment overthrow patients’ lifestyle and eating behavior, generating an overall sense of lack of control and confusion. Thus, answering patients’ omnipresent question “What can I eat?” with the general “You can eat anything.” can incent extreme eating behaviors, usually separating patients in two groups: “Breast Cancer ain’t Pink” is an oncology nutrition guide for breast cancer patients who want to understand how to feed themselves during treatment … Read More

The Old Chocolate Diet – Advanced Nutrition for Gourmands

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Book Description: Do you know the difference between people who can eat whatever they feel like eating and remain slim, as opposed to people who gain weight even when they try to diet and eat very little? There is not only one, but three survival mechanisms responsible this difference: 1. insulin resistance – which decreases your metabolism both when you undereat … Read More

Nutrition Guide for Mums – Healthy Eating Tips for You and Your Children

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Book Description: Want to raise Healthy Kids and look like their Sister? Learn how to look and feel great while raising your children to be beautifully fit and healthy. This is your nutrition guidelines for kids. An Inside-Out Look at Children’s Healthy Eating. Cake lovers, look no further! This book contains delicious & healthy, easy-to-make Homemade Cake Recipes that will … Read More

5 Gears Diet – Learn How to Drive Your Body

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Book Description: The Solution to Accelerate Fat Loss the Healthy Way!  If you have always wondered why other diet plans simply do not work, and you have been looking for a diet solution that really lets you lose fat forever, your search can stop right now! Introducing… 5 Gear Diet, an easy to use and practical guide to help your body … Read More