Oncology Nutrition Consultation


The notion of cancer is general, under this word are over 200 completely different types and subtypes of cancers, with completely different causes, treatment and evolution from patient to patient.

Therefore, the oncology nutrition has the role to support the oncological treatment and to prevent the recurrence or relapse of a new cancer, being strictly individualized for each patient, and – in the case of the same patient – at each stage of the treatment and any other diseases besides cancer that the patient still suffers.


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Oncology Nutrition consultations are available at the office or on Skype, and to book a consultation you can make appointments on the site or by phone on +40740031611 (you can call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 2pm). In case of appointments for Skype consultations, note your name in the comments field on the order page and pay the consultation before the day of the appointment. For the consultations in our location, bring the medical file to the consultation, and for the consultations on Skype, call the number above to explain what investigations are necessary for creating the appropriate nutrition plan for your case.

The price covers the consultation and the nutrition plan appropriate to your diagnosis, treatment stage and prognosis.

Please note:

Diana Artene is a Nutritionist-Dietitian, doctor in Oncological Nutrition. So you will benefit from a Nutrition consultation, not a medical consultation.

The professions of doctor and nutritionist are different professions, and doctor in nutrition is the highest level of training of a nutritionist-dietitian. We do not recommend medicines, and on rare occasions when we recommend dietary supplements we do so only on the basis of your blood tests. We practice very personalized Nutrition for each person we work with, blood tests are necessary to make the right nutrition plan for you at the time of consultation. Your medical file is strictly necessary to personalize the nutritional recommendations according to diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. For a second opinion about your medical treatment please ask a doctor, not a nutritionist-dietetician.

Find here the Terms & Conditions according to which we carry out our activity. 

If you do not accept any of the rules within out Terms & Conditions please do not book a consultation with us. As you chose the specialists you agree to work with, so we chose the patients we agree to work with, the basic requirement for an effective collaboration being mutual respect.