Nutrition Consultation for Weight Loss


Nutrition for weight loss is aimed at people who need/want to lose weight without having medical reasons, regulating insulin, dopamine and leptin resistance – the main physiological causes of fattening.

It also explains why starvation and dehydration only lead to dehydration and loss of muscle mass – which lowers metabolism gradually leading to fattening by consuming ever smaller amounts of food.


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The Weight Loss Program “No DIET” is designed for completely healthy people who are tired of diets and who want to lose weight for no medical reason. If you need to lose weight for medical reasons please choose a Clinical Nutrition consultation.

This Weight Loss Nutrition Consultation is only the method of payment of each of the 6 sessions of the Program in the case of people who do not want to commit to a full subscription, the behavioral exercises that we will go through together step by step being the same.

The solution aims to reduce the percentage of fat without muscle mass loss and to improve control over eating behavior, based on the regulation of insulin, dopamine and leptin resistance – which are the main physiological causes of fattening.

It is important to gradually learn to stop dieting, to know how to eat without refraining from certain foods.
The more you will refrain from your favorite foods in the short term, the faster you will lose control over your eating behavior.

And the more you learn to work with yourself so that you are mentally accepting that it is important and you can eat everything to lose weight – the longer you will have better and better eating behavior in the long run.

Want a delicious, effective and easy-to-apply nutritional approach?

Get out of the obesity epidemic Simple & Definitely.

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