Weight Loss Program “No DIET” – 6 sessions

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Are you a foodie? Want a delicious, efficient and easy-to-apply nutritional approach?

Get out of the obesity epidemic Simple & Definitely.

Gain your metabolic self-control:

  • no meal hours or dietary foods,
  • no medicines, supplements or diet teas,
  • no calories, glycemic indexes or other temporary solutions,
  • with the support and information you need for your long-term success.


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Are you sick and tired of dieting?

Are you healthy and just want to lose weight for no medical reason?

You want a delicious, effective nutritional solution on long term & easy to apply?

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√ no meal hours or dietary foods,

√ without medicines, supplements or diet teas,

√ without calories, glycemic indexes or all kinds of wonders,

√ with the support, responsibility and information needed for your long-term success,

√ respecting the physiology of the human body,

√ with all your favorite foods,

√ and with your discipline.

ATTENTION: The disciplined application of the “No Diet” Weight Loss Program treats the causes of obesity, preventing fattening from the first day of the program (without the need for any other maintenance program) by treating insulin, leptin and dopamine resistance, by increasing your metabolism and by regulating appetite.

This program is not addressed to people with various diseases or those who eat emotionally.

Also, this program is not addressed to those who want to lose weight yesterday if they can or to those who dream of magic sponges to clear the consequences of their own food decisions.

People who just want to come and test the waters and those who expect miracles – I guarantee that they will get absolutely nothing coming to a consultation. Stay at home until the discomfort of staying as you are becomes greater than the discomfort of changing yourself. There is no change in the comfort zone. There is no comfort in the change area.

This program is aimed at those who really want to work with them to repair the causes that brought them to their current weight.

Overweight or obese healthy people completely fed up with this life, even the idea of ​​diet – which need monitoring and information that support physiologically fat loss, not by losing water weight and active muscle mass – I guarantee: a solution based purely on their body biology and their minds, the development of food autonomy, efficiency, respect.

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