“No DIET” Weight Loss Program


The Weight Loss Program “No DIET” addresses the root causes of obesity by treating insulin, leptin and dopamine resistance, increasing metabolism and regulating appetite.


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This Program is not meant for overweight or obese people suffering from various diseases or those for those with emotional eating. Also, this Program is not for those who want to chronic dieters dreaming of magic sponges to erase the consequences of their eating behaviour decisions. To people who just want to see what it’s like, looking for a new quick fix, and to those who expect miracles – I guarantee they won’t get anything from it, so just don’t buy it as the price is nonrefundable. Please stay away until the discomfort of remaining the same becomes greater than the discomfort of changing. There is no change in the comfort zone. There is no comfort in the change either.

This program is only for those who really want to work to repair the causes that have brought them to their current weight.

The program is designed to teach you to eat absolutely all your favorite foods, no dietary foods, no weight loss drugs, laxatives or depuratives, no counting calories, glycemic indexes or all kinds of hype quick wonders, with respect for the actual physiology of the human body and with the support and information needed for your long-term success.

The Program includes 6 behavioural exercises designed to repair step by step the main individual causes of disordered eating that contribute to weight gain:

  1. eating dissociated from the physiological needs of the body
  2. ping-pong between overeating and starvation after you’ve binged
  3. sedentariness
  4. social eating
  5. forgetting about the pleasure of eating or overindulging
  6. addiction to diets and dietary restrictions imposed by others

Each exercise must be applied disciplined for 1 month.

At each consultation we will assess your body composition and your ability to control your own eating behavior and that you will move further to the next level only if both have improved – benefits that you can only get if you applied each monthly exercise with full discipline. If one or both have not improved, you will have to repeat the exercise for another month and pay extra for that consultation in addition to the price of the program. You can repeat an exercise a maximum of 2 times, and if you fail to regroup enough to follow the recommendations, you lose the access to the Program and the money you payed for it. We therefore recommend that you purchase it only if you consider yourself sufficiently determined and disciplined to properly apply the recommendations.

If you consider yourself sufficiently determined and disciplined to properly apply the recommendation but the full price of the Program is an issue, you can pay for each of the consultations within the Program. The individual price for each of the 6 consultations in the Program is 75 euro.

To healthy overweight or obese completely fed up with even the idea of ​​dieting – who need the adequate nutrition plan and the accountability required for physiological fat loss – I guarantee: a solution based purely on their body biology and their minds, increased autonomy, efficiency and respect.

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