The phone or online appointment to any of the nutrition services offered on the site implies the full and irrevocable acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Diana Artene is not a medical doctor but a Nutritionist-Dietitian, master in Nutrition Sciences, PhD in Oncology Nutrition. So you will benefit from a Nutrition consultation, not a medical one. Physician and nutritionist-dietitian are different professions, and PhD in oncology nutrition is the highest level of training of a nutritionist-dietitian. For a second opinion about your medical treatment, please consult a physician.

2. We reserve the right to select the patients we work with.

3. We do not work with patients who use complementary medicine therapies or products. We do not recommend medications, and in the rare occasions we do recommend dietary supplements we do this solely temporary and based on dietary deficiencies objectively proven on the results of your current blood tests. Also we do not work with people using starvation diets, ketogenic diets or intermittent fasting. If you wish to use complementary medicine or such weight loss diets please do not come to work with us.

4. If you are more than 15′ late – the consultation will not take place and you must reschedule and pay the consultation in full if you wish to continue to have access to our services. Appointments not canceled by the nutritionist at least 24 hours before the appointment or where the nutritionist was more than 15′ late will be rescheduled and offered free of charge.

5. In the case of Clinical Nutrition, Clinical & Weight Loss Nutrition and Oncology Nutrition consultations, the medical file – containing the results of your recent blood tests and imagistic investigation (+ histopathology and immunohistochemistry in the case on oncology patients) – is necessary at the consultation to personalise the nutritional recommendations according to your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. We do not keep any of your medical data, all is deleted from our system directly after the consultation. Thus in the case of repeated consultations we ask you to bring your medical file at each consultation.

6. The price covers the consultation itself and the nutrition plan appropriate to your medical and metabolic situation at the time of the consultation. You will receive this plan created especially for you the day after the consultation. In addition, but strictly as an optional help, after the Oncology Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Clinical & Weight Loss Nutrition, Prenatal Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition and Sports Nutrition you can have access to 2 months of online monitoring of the food log with the mandatory condition to fully respect the nutritional recommendations. After the consultations within the Weight Loss Program “No DIET” you can have access to 1 month of online monitoring with the same mandatory condition to fully respect the recommendations. This online monitoring refers strictly to the food log and it does not imply in any way the modification of the plan you received after the consultation. If your medical situation changed you should book another consultation for a nutritional plan appropriate to your new situation. You will receive an online response within a 48 hours for the email sent with your daily food log. The price of this initial help is not included in the price of the consultation but conditionally offered as initial help to implement the plan, it is strictly optional and you lose it if you do not follow the recommendations fully. The continuation of the online monitoring of the food log after the end of this initial time interval can be done only with the subsequent payment of a monthly fee of  60 euro.

7. The Weight Loss Program “No DIET” consists of 6 Weight Loss Nutrition consultations, each with a specific exercise meant to regulate an aspect of the eating behavior. Please keep in mind that each consultation will assess your body composition and your ability to control your own eating behavior and that you will move further to the next level only if both have improved – benefits that you can only get if you applied each monthly exercise with full discipline. If one or both have not improved, you will have to repeat the exercise for another month. If you fail to apply the exercise two consecutive times please stop and reevaluate your motivation.

8. Our services can be paid either by cash or by card at the office, or by card (via MobilPay) or by bank transfer online. The price covers the consultation and the personalised eating plan made specifically for you after the consultation. The price of the online monitoring of the food log is not included. We recommend that you do not buy the consultation until you are fully determined to apply the nutritional recommendations with self-discipline. The nutritionist is responsible for creating an adequate nutrition plan to your medical and metabolic requirements, but cannot eat instead of you.

9. Our services are non-refundable.

10. By accessing our services you implicitly accept the use of Romanian Law regardless of your country of origin.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and do not come to work with us if you do not agree with any of our rules.