Clinical Nutrition Consultation


I f you, your parents or children have one or more diseases at the same time that have cumulative metabolic impact – such as renal failure, insulin-dependent diabetes, autoimmune thyroiditis, gout, hemochromatosis, hyperparathyroidism, eosinophilic esophagitis, pituitary adenoma, osteoporosis, gastritis atrophic, hemorrhoids, ulcer-hemorrhagic rectocolitis and many more – and if you take drugs that have metabolic impact – such as diuretics, anticoagulants, antidepressants or gastric antisecretory – schedule an appointment for a Clinical Nutrition.

Following the consultation you will receive a complex nutrition plan that takes into account all these pathologies, possible surgeries, the treatments received and the current state of blood tests and imaging investigations.


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In addition to the direct metabolic impact of various diseases, their basic pathological mechanism can be amplified by certain nutrients. Also, there are interactions between food and medicines administered to treat these diseases and the surgical interventions required in many pathologies come with a package of nutritional restrictions that you should know about. And also, each patient develops (or not) side effects of these drugs and surgeries, having their own and personal evolution during life after a certain diagnosis.

For these reasons, the general nutrition recommendations do not contribute to the improvement of the individual patient’s health, the Clinical Nutrition must be strictly personalized from patient to patient according to all the diseases they suffer, the stage of these diseases, the treatments received and the current state of health to help the patient. If the clinical nutrition is not strictly personalized it is just rainwater – like “let’s talk just for the sake of talking” – not helping anyone with anything, just as effective for improving the patient’s condition as talking about socks and other unimportant subjects.

For a life as close to normal as possible, it is important to follow with discipline and responsibility a nutrition plan created especially for you.