Testimonials: Weight Loss Success Stories

With our expertise in weight loss nutrition, clinical nutrition and oncology nutrition and with your discipline we can manage to improve body composition, health and self-control on eating behavior. Before coming to the consultation, to understand what it is like to work with us, read the success stories sent by the patients who worked with us:

Average Rating 4,9 out of 5 stars

Oncology Nutrition

We are very satisfied. My mother is feeling very well after chemotherapy and surgery. The advice received is pertinent, argued and for the benefit of the patient. We will schedule another meeting in a few weeks.

Oana O.
Oncology Nutrition

Lost 13 kg in 6 months…

Lost 13 kg in 6 months with no effort at all. I got my health back up and with Diana’s help managed to create a healthy life style based on simple physiological rules that don’t involve any sort of diet.

Marian E.
Weight Loss Nutrition