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  • I’m putting “diet” under quotations because this book is about a complete lifestyle change and not another diet. As the author states, “the most important cause of obesity is dieting…imagine a world where there are no diets. Would you overeat again?” Her approach is brilliant, don’t snack, eat only when you’re hungry, stay awake 1.5 to 2 hours after eating, beware if low long intensity cardio workouts that can decrease your metabolism, and use only nature made foods.

    Gregory SmithAmazon review
  • The goal of the 5 Gears Diet is to teach people how to control their eating habits. Each “gear” is an eating guideline individuals will follow to learn how to eat according to what their bodies need.

    Blunt, straightforward approach to teaching

    Fat loss begins with medical and physical examinations

    Individuals can choose which “gear” they want to focus their diet in for any amount of time

    Disadvantages of diet trends and fads explained

    Author's imageDiets In Reviewwww.dietsinreview.com

  • 5 GEARS DIET Learn how to drive your body by Diana Artene is not for one timer who just wants to reduce his wright for some immediate purpose to attain. Rather is it for those who want to attain an ultimate of goal of staying fit without compromising with their diet.

    JaideepGoodreads review
  • I really like how easy this book is to read. I don’t want to waste a lot of time reading boring books to help me lose weight, I want to get to the meat of it and that is exactly what this book does. I’ve learned so much! Things as simple as learning what hunger actually is, was so helpful from this book. We’re never taught this kind of stuff in school, but yet it’s so important.

    Yvonne CrawfordAmazon review
  • Stop following those expensive diets that never end and get you where you really want to be, and start losing fat and weight the smart way by following the unique 5 Gear Diet that truly speeds things up while staying on track.

    Janice Wellington, B.Sc.Bookcritiquer.com