The Old Chocolate Diet

Do you know the difference between people who can eat whatever they feel like eating and remain slim, as opposed to people who gain weight even when they try to diet and eat very little? 

There is not only one, but three survival mechanisms responsible this difference: 

1. insulin resistance – which decreases your metabolism both when you undereat and when you overeat – increasing your body fat percentage in both of these situations; 

2. leptin resistance – which decreases your ability to perceive satiety when… well, there is more than one “when” at work in leptin’s case, all explained in this book – increasing your hunger; 

3. dopamine resistance – which decreases your ability to perceive the pleasure of eating (or any other pleasure, for that matter) when you allow yourself intermittent access to your favorite foods – increasing your cravings. 

If you are part of the many people who gain weight even when eating as little as they possibly can, and you want to become one of the few people who stay slim even when eating anything they like, read this book today! You’ll not only learn how these survival mechanisms cause your mind to keep you obese, but you’ll also learn how to create your very own premium diet. And after you’ve read the book and created your diet, you’ll learn how to apply it, to become as slim and as healthy as you ever wanted to be. 

To your fat loss success!

Book Details:

Published: December 13, 2014
Print Length: 217 pages
ISBN: 978-1505546729

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