Smoking during the pandemic, ping-pong between panic and stupidity

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Reading the French study about smoking and Covid-19 I woke up pretty much just like Proust transported back in time by the smell of madeleines, transported back in the by the smell of the stupidity I witnessed at one of the sponsored workshops I attended at the American Nutrition conference that took place in Boston in 2018. Feeling cold (because … Read More

Coronavirus – batshit crazy spring rolled Devil’s baby

Diana ArteneHealthy Eating

coronavirus pandemic

The story of the virus with a beer name (Coronavirus, so: Have it with lime!) began at a market. On December 30, 2019, in a small fish and meat market where 1500 worked, in a crowded Chinese city with 11 million inhabitants, some workers got sick. And because they felt quite sick, each decided to go see a doctor in … Read More