Is the gluten-free diet beneficial for runners?

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About the gluten-free diet, many people know that it is healthier than diets containing gluten. They know that gluten can cause allergie or intolerance. They know gluten makes them gain weight. They know that. They know that.. They know that… From whom do they know all that? From people with gluten sensitivities, of course. And the direct feedback of a … Read More

Why you keep falling of your diet?

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If you are tired of gaining weight each time you allow yourself to eat a treat, if you can’t even stomach the thought of starting one more diet, if you are frustrated by the fact that no matter how much you’re trying not to gain weight – you simply can’t succeed – then this article is for you. I will … Read More

Why you feel hungry when you are on a diet?

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Why you feel hungry when you are on a diet is not that easy to understand by many people on a diet. It is much or less accepted because hunger is associated with dieting. It is what scares people people when even considering to start a diet to lose their increasing weight accumulated on body parts they wish they could … Read More