Don’t worry = No sugar?

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In consensus with the industries that produce chronic dieters, the 2013 analysis done by Shankar argues that we don’t have sufficient evidence either to recommend nor to not recommend artificial sweeteners (1). Some research shows that the use of artificial sweeteners is associated with a modest weight loss (2). Other research shows that the use of artificial sweeteners is associated with … Read More

Is the gluten-free diet beneficial for runners?

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About the gluten-free diet, many people know that it is healthier than diets containing gluten. They know that gluten can cause allergie or intolerance.They know gluten makes them gain weight.They know that.They know that..They know that… From whom do they know all that? From people with gluten sensitivities, of course. And the direct feedback of a person with gluten sensitivity … Read More

The Copy/Paste Diet

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I’m nutritionist Diana Artene and – before we talk about what “The Copy / Paste Diet” is and what impact it has on your weight loss – I want to ask you: – Do you want to lose weight? – For really, really, real, do you really want to? Maybe you still want to, maybe you gave up, maybe you’re … Read More

Dukan Diet – the simplest way to gain fat

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In this article, I don’t just want to talk about Dukan diet, but about ketogenic diets with very low carb intake in general (taking into account that the ones promoted to be the most effective are those with a carb intake between 30-50g per day and with a moderate to low protein intake). The meta-analyses of most studies show that … Read More