Fast weight loss gimmicks

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Everyone want to lose weight fast, for various reasons, and many use the modern electrotherapy ways that promise to get you there in no time. If you use such procedures, my suggestion is to go to a qualified nutritionist who knows how to counteract the metabolic effects of sudden weight loss. To understand why I’m making this recommendation, please read … Read More

5 habits that help prevent breast cancer

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habits that help prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is a multifactorial disease, thus to prevent it we should take into consideration both the many risk factors and the few protective factors that we can influence. At my fifth book launch – Breast cancer ain’t pink – I talked about these risk and protective factors, but the workshop recording you can see on YouTube is in Romanian … Read More

7 essential questions if you have water retention

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If you’re retaining water, you’re probably part of the group of people with weight problems who want to lose weight yesterday. And, as you probably know, unlike starvation, dehydration produces incredible weight loss results in the short term. Whether it’s about slimming teas, drugs or supplements that “eliminate water retention” or ketogenic diets, nothing seems to be as effective as … Read More

What is the metabolic difference between cola light and normal cola?

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This article refers not only to cola light or to a specific brand in particular, but to the difference in metabolic impact between the consumption of cola light and soda drinks containing “sugars”. To start, let’s define exactly what is used to sweeten light or “sugar-free” soda drinks and what is used to sweeten normal or cola “with sugars”. “Normal” … Read More

International Breastfeeding Week: August, 1-7

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the week of 1-7 August as the “World Week of Breastfeeding” – respected in over 170 countries to encourage mothers to offer this wonderful gift to their babies and to emphasise the importance of the „Innocenti“ statement, signed in August 1990 by the WHO, UNICEF and the Public Health Institutions in these countries. And … Read More